First principles, NaPoWriMo (or poetry)

Six weeks


The school doors at last are shut and locked up

The alarm clock is quiet, we won’t get up

For a while – tho’ the dawn chorus is loud, in full swing

Nor will I be running wild, packing up the school things

into bags, bleary eyed, rumpled, unironed, dishevelled.

My sleep deprivation has a hope of being levelled.

I will mooch,

I will lounge,

I will drape in the sun.

i will put on my shades and watch the boys’ fun.

Yes, I once was a wage slave

I collected my shilling

but now I am something much nicer, more fulfilling

It’s hackneyed I know but it’s also quite thrilling -

i draw and I paint and I see my boys grow

I’m learning that I have to go with the flow

so illness while scary isn’t all endless doom

tho I will never enjoy cleaning up the bathroom

My life  isn’t over it’s just changed a lot

You can’t have it all

but you can have a shot.


First principles


I sometimes feel like a sardine. Not peckish,coo I fancy sardines on toast, no, more like I’m packed in on all sides. I’m sure many of us do, I mean, what with children and other halves and siblings and work (of whatever description) and chores and hobbies and life changing emergencies we all face our little Everest every day.

This blog has suffered from my sardine moments I’m afraid. I guess it’s like an old, best, dear friend…they take the hit when all else is going to the dogs. Mainly because you know they’ll forgive you in the end and after some huffy sighs and possibly some grovelling we will all be ok again. Well, I suppose this is my grovel, I love this blog, I’m still in awe that ANYONE bothers to read it and I’m never going to let it drop of the proverbial perch. It may teeter, but never topple.

So I’m sorry if I’ve either been brief, weird or just absent…I’m still on my perch and soon I’ll be blogging with the best of ‘em. So long as my perch has wifi. And coffee. Lots of coffee. Xxx




I had to share…despite this blogs name it’s been a while since any true stitchery has graced the virtual pages of my life…but here, here is my latest creation. It’s a fundraiser for Little One’s pre-school. I was up ‘tail 3am this morning as today is the summer fair. My best friend, The Child Whisperer was my support and cheerleader. Together we finished it, yawning and sleepy. I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to it. Perhaps I’ll enter the raffle under a false name…


photography, Purchases

Air-y fairy

I’m a techno geek…I admit it. I may love the home arts of the needle but I’m also a physicist who loves software, hardware, any where. So I’m vvvvvv happy to say I’ve just snagged a 128Gb iPad Air – I’m backing it up at the moment but I love it already. So fast! I can do more art now…my other ipad was falling over because I’d used the memory up. No chance of that here! Yay!

Doing stuff, First principles, Parkinsons

Now you see me….

Hey, I’m still here guys, just keeping my head low and focusing on my June goals. For once in my life I’m sticking to my goals and might, might just achieve some of them. Yes, unbelievable but true. The parkinsons seemed to rob me of energy, motivation, call it what you will. Just general ‘oomph’ but I’m trying to keep my balance right and do you know, it’s working! I’m not climbing Ben Nevis quite yet but I’m getting to the end of a day in one piece, which quite frankly, is progress.

so, the story so far….

health : I’ve rejoined weight watchers, upped my sleep, reduced my chocolate and started to get in to troll of my medical regime. More later on that one as I have my consultants appt tomorrow.

wealth : I’m wading thru paperwork and claiming what I’m due. I’ve analysed my expenditure and am working on a budget. I do spend a lot on haberdashery, who knew?(!)

hearth : decluttering continues. I’ve done four rooms now. Phew.

heart : in progress but trying to devote more time to family.

Hope : all about ambitions…I’ve entered the Mslexia completions for poetry and have my fingers crossed. I’ve won a design competition too so I’m pleased with this area in particular.

helping : all about giving something back, my main contribution is the charity shop donations I’ve made following declutter sessions. This will become a veritable flood as I carry on!


so, not bad thus far. I feel much happier and energetic. Onwards and upwards eh?