A bag for life

I have a long commute. I mean long. Some days I like it – uninterrupted coffee, magazines, time to work, guilt-free knitting and sewing time. Some days I hate it – ungodly start time, not seeing my boys, delays, the tube, the price (just increased, owch).

Today I’m ambivalent. So I thought I’d show you my life in a bag. Here’s how I live when in my train shaped bubble.

See the magazines? My two vices, Grazia and Sew Hip. Love Grazia even tho I know I shouldn’t – how many facets can they find to the Tom/Katie saga I wonder? Love SH even tho I know I’ll never make anything from it. I’m not very good at following patterns – I go off piste very easily whether intentionally or not.

There’s my knitting tucked into my purple plastic wallet – classy. I’m wading through a jacket for Little One. The White one holds my make up and keys etc in the vain hope I will not lose them. I probably wouldn’t even notice if I lost the slap tbh. Must make more of an effort, really I must.

And finally, tucked away under everything else is my trusty laptop. So old it creaks but loved nevertheless. I really must use it more often. I almost bought a new flowery bag for the ‘top but feared Death by Cath Kidston. I need to make one don’t I. One more for the list I fear.

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