Part 2

Look what I can see.


Sometimes commuting isn’t so bad.


3 thoughts on “Part 2

  1. Yes! I used to enjoy my commute, by car, from Brixham to West London. I used to go at 4.00 in the morning, and would see the most wonderful things – sunrises, flocks of starlings, strange weather. One morning I was fortunate enough to see a ‘moonbow’ near Bristol. It was torrential ‘April showers’ accompanied by a completely full, bright moon. It made a silver ‘bow’; I couldn’t see any colours in it, but it’s difficult to tell at motorway speeds!

    I don’t miss the work, but I do miss those special hours in the car.

  2. I only did it once a week! And I could sneak off early on Thursdays…
    Quite nice, actually.

    Yes, all good here – vile day here in Brixham – only stopped raining at sunset. You were better off at work!

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