Arty flowers

I spent some time in the local gardens today, snapping the flora and fauna. Then I played a bit. I’m especially liking the faded tea roses. They make me think of old newspapers and calico. New ideas forming…you have been warned.






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  1. Zalamanda says:

    The top one looks a bit like a psychadelic William Morris. The tea roses are, indeed, very nice. You must have upped the contrast, no?

    1. stitch this says:

      thanks – not sure what I did tbh – the top one reminds me of flocked wallpaper too, or Amy Butler fabric. I tend to sharpen up the picture then play with saturation and then hue. Great fun! I might use Spoonflower at some point and make some fabric….hows your painting going?

      1. Zalamanda says:

        My painting? Well… I have a request for a Lego Olypmic archer – fortunately we have that one – so he’ll be next. But first, I have books to return to the library. Best put the computer down…

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