Rip it up?


I’m as torn as this lovely quilt that arrived today. Do I chop it up and turn it into pictures, pillows and the like? The quilting is exquisite, flowers, feathers, tiny tiny cross hatching. How do I do it justice? Like I said, torn. Ideas?


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  1. izziedog says:

    ooooooh you can’t cut it up, it is so beautiful…… but, you do have exceedingly good ideas!

  2. antarabesque says:

    It is so lovely! What providence and beauty. Your ideas are good, I might try to save a good chunk and frame it, if that is the route you take.

  3. NO don’t cut it-instead, make -or-buy-a quilt rack and display it-problems and all…People can”forgive” the flaws and admire a Beautiful quilt…

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