You guys know I have Parkinson’s, don’t you?! Well, I tend to act as if I don’t have what I believe is considered to be quite a serious condition. I’ve never really allowed myself to be stopped or slowed down too much. In fact I take on lots of projects and ideas just to push the Parkinson’s away as much as I can…don’t want to be defined by this thing after all. But the last few days have stopped me in my tracks quite literally. Reader, I have crashed and burned big time. Complete exhaustion, incapable of standing up, an afternoon in A&E and lots and lots of help from lovely friends and family. A real wake up call. I’m going to have to get sensible, stitch style, natch. But where to start….

Here’s my new regime, god help me.

go to bed at a decent hour: that’s before midnight at least. I have been going to sleep around 1am recently, not good. Not good at all. I hate missing out on ‘stuff’ tho, and sleep is so boring, esp when the mends mean I don’t even get to dream.

Pare down my commitments, radically : from now on its family, house, art and allotment (yes, allotment!!!!) expect a post on this development soon…thrilled about getting the plot at last.

Get healthy : I know, there’s no cure. But I can help myself by losing weight and doing exercises. I’ll try not to bore you.

And that’s it. No rocket science. No elaborate plans. Just common sense. Sigh. image


6 thoughts on “Wake up : fall asleep

  1. This sounds *so* familiar. Is it a Parkie thing?!

    Good luck with it all, and I hope you don’t get too bored. I’m still prevaricating. And doing too much. And going to bed too late…

  2. The allotment sounds brilliant! I got an allotment with my first cancer diagnosis, and it saved me from getting downhearted again and again. It’s SO interesting and exciting. Good exercise, good company, good fresh air, and great grub. What’s not to like?!

      1. Other people ALWAYS say that! The next thing that comes along are fellow allotment holders telling you how to do things (usually wrongly, so they can have a laugh at you later in the season!)

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