So, I’m wondering what to give my sons’ teachers this year… There’s the normal, incredibly helpful, group organised team present but I want to give them something from my boys…here’s where I’ve got to so far…

An ABC necklace made from Shrinkles…one of the teachers has ABC earrings, a pair for each letter. I wanted to accessorise!! I’ve made the first ten or so letters…photos so.

A vintage book for Little One’s main teacher, a 1901 instruction manual on handling a classroom…definite tongue in cheek present

And the last one…I’m stuck, a football loving, choir member, chocolate biscuit eating young teacher who Elder worships. Ideas?!?!

4 thoughts on “Dear teacher

  1. how about something edible but home made. e.g. cookies or a cake (I’m trying to think of something that can make use of honey for when she has a sore throat, for her singing); lemon, garlic or chilli infused olive oil; vanilla sugar (get some sugar, put one or two fresh vanilla pods in, wrap up nicely)……

      1. hope this has at least given you something to consider. Doesnt have to take a lot of time to be thoughtful!

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