Is it wrong to crave order? I want to be organised and be in control (just a little) of my life but my brain just doesn’t work like that anymore. I don’t know whether it’s the parkinsons or small child derived exhaustion or just good old fashioned stress. Most probably a dash of each with a pinch of martyrdom just to be sure. I’ll go before this turns into a self pitying winge but if anyone has an answer I’d love to know. Big time.


Things I learnt this weekend

Well, we made it…and I have grown a little wiser as follows

  • I wildly underestimate prep times
  • jellies take longer to set than you’d think
  • 20 is the absolute maximum you want at a brithday party
  • children are the perfect demonstration of entropy – they continue to expand to fill the space they are given
  • spiderman is very popular with 5 year olds
  • as is in no particular order, supercat, superfairy, obi wan kenobi, superdog and batman, or should i say batmen
  • party organisers are modern day saints and should be knighted
  • as should my inlaws
  • never try to make a 12″ birthday cake – it’s doomed
  • ruined 12″ cakes can be turned into 7 mini cakes however,  and donated to said in-law helpers as a thank you
  • fondant icing is very forgiving
  • seeing your son having the time of his life is worth it, definately

Half term survival tip #2

Keep ’em sweet.

Baking and icing today ( subtle colours aren’t me I’m afraid) combined with a long walk and a trip to the park. Elder was asleep within 2 minutes…I’m typing this sitting next to his gently snoring form. I don’t often completely enjoy childcare but today was great. Just have to clear a space in the Armageddon downstairs now….